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  • DANKE!


    The Inaugural Sactoberfest festival was a huge success!  Thank you to everyone who supported us. Stay tuned on Facebook for details about next year’s event!

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  • Sactoberfest is a charity event!

    Sactoberfest is a charity event!

    Sactoberfest donated a portion of the proceeds to Active 20-30 Club No. 1 in support of under-served children in the greater Sacramento region. Continue to support this great organization!

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October 19, 2013 / Bridge District in West Sacramento

What is Sactoberfest?


Join us THIS SATURDAY , October 19th for Sactoberfest – a traditional Oktoberfest-style outdoor festival under a huge tent.  Our large Bier Hall will be full of Premium German biers, including Erdinger, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbrau, Paulaner and Spaten.  Food includes The German Plate by Sienna featuring a beer brat with sauerkraut, German potato salad, red cabbage with apples, bread, pickle, and German mustard.  Also available are wursts by Low Brau, hot, fresh pretzels, and desserts by Lovin’ Oven!

Participate in traditional German games including keg rolling, stein holding, yodeling, and everyone’s favorite Chicken Dance dance-off.  Throughout the entire day and evening you’ll experience live music from polka to a live DJ (evening) provided by the 21-piece Chico Bavarian Orchestra, The Internationals and more.  Traditional German dance performances will also take place throughout the day by The Schuhplatter Dancers.

You don’t have to travel to Munich to experience Oktoberfest, it’s right here in your own backyard!

Sactoberfest is a 21 and over event.  See below for event details.

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12:15 – THE OFFICIAL TAPPING OF THE KEG!  This time-honored tradition is the sign of Sactoberfest’s commencement.  Join our Beer Maidens and West Sacramento Mayor Cabaldon as we kick off the festivities, which also include a Parade and live music by The Internationals followed by The Chico 21-Piece Bavarian Band!



The Internationals (12:15, 2:45, 5:30, 8:00)

The Chico Bavarian Band (1:00, 4:15, 6:15)

The Flying Dutchman (3:30, 8:45)

The Schuhplatter Dancers (2:00, 7:15)

Live DJ (9:15)



Sactoberfest Olympics (Outdoor)

1:30 – Wurst Toss

2:45 – Keg Races

3:45 – Keg Toss

5:15 – Wurst Toss

6:15 – Keg Toss/Races

Beer Pong Tournament (Outdoor)

2:00 – 6:00

Bergermeister Games (Bier Hall)

2:20 – Chicken Dance, Trivia

4:00 – Best Dirndl, Best Lederhosen, Masskrugstemmen

6:00 – Yodeling, Trivia

7:35 – Best Dirndl, Best Lederhosen, Masskrugstemmen



Prost!  Sactoberfest will feature 10 local breweries as part of our festivities!

Each ticket purchased to Sactoberfest includes a certain amount of tasting tickets to sample the craft brews.  General Admission = 3 tickets; Premium Admission = 6 tickets; VIP = one for each brewer on-site. Additional tickets are available for purchase at $2 each.  Tastings are 4 oz. each.  Tickets are available for purchase at designated tents throughout the Hof Brau area.

To add a level of competitive spirit to the fun, the craft brewery that garners the most tickets at the end of the event, will win the only domestic “handle” inside the main Bier Hall at Sactoberfest 2014!

Local Breweries Include:



Enjoy a safe, stylish (and free!) ride from Uber.  Text the code SACTOBERFEST to 827-222 to sign up and receive $20 off your first trip. Already a big fan of Uber? Not to worry — a 25% discount on ALL rides to/from Sactoberfest will be applied automatically.

Designated Driver tickets are available for only $10! Upgrade options are also available so you can receive the benefits of the event, without the beer!

If you need a place to stay, check out the Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza just over the Tower Bridge!

Sactoberfest encourages attendees to leave their cars at home and take alternative forms of transportation to the event.

The Sactown Hopper will be providing shuttle service to the event beginning at 4:00pm and lasting through the end of the event and beyond. The shuttle is free to Sactoberfest ticket holders and the route extends from Sacramento State University through East Sacramento, Midtown, Downtown and the Bridge District of West Sacramento. As a bonus, the Sactown Hopper runs until 2:00am and Sactoberfest attendees can visit area nightclubs and use their wristband for valuable promotions including head of the line and free admission at some clubs.



Parking is available at Sactoberfest for $10 per car.  VIP ticket holders receive free parking by showing their VIP ticket to the parking attendant.

Sactoberfest will provide bike valet service for attendees who wish to ride their bike to the event.



ATMs are available at throughout the venue.

Beer sales are cash and credit card (VISA and MasterCard only).  The bar will have 8 total lines at the bar – 6 will be cash only and 2 are cash and credit card.

Tasting tickets can be purchased with cash only at designated areas throughout the Hof Brau area.

Wine is also available for purchase in addition to beer, sodas and water.

Service animals are able to enter the venue. Pets are not allowed.



Where do you go to get the best Oktoberfest costumes for Sactoberfest?  Evangeline’s of course!  Located in Old Sacramento Evangeline’s has the best selection of dirndl dresses and lederhosen options for everyone!  Get yours now before they’re all gone!



Still not sure what Oktoberfest is all about?  Check out these videos!

Oktoberfest, Munich 2011

Top 10 Facts about Oktoberfest



Sactoberfest is a charitable event in that it is presented by the Active 20-30 Club #1 Chapter, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Active 20-30 is the official designated charity for Sactoberfest. Finrich Events, LLC has already made a donation of $13,000 to Active 20-30 and will donate 20% of profits over $100,000.00.

Finrich Events, LLC seeks to make an impact on the communities in which we produce events by developing the Charity Table; a program that provides area organizations the opportunity for a free fundraiser. We recognize the need they face to constantly fund raise, therefore this program is open to any nonprofit organization.

Organizations that register with Sactoberfest will be paid $5 for every attendee they refer. (Guests must make this declaration when they come through the entrance gate with the staff manning the Charity table. Once guests have passed the Charity table and entered the event they may not double back and make their declaration.) Staff manning the Charity Table will be trained to verbally intercept each guest with a query regarding if they were referred by anyone.

For more information on registering your group for a fundraiser with Sactoberfest, please contact Rich Clakeley at rich@finrichevents.com.

Rich Clakeley
Finrich Events, LLC

Participating Organizations:

River City Rowing Club

German Biers

Prost! (Cheers!) Featuring premium German biers including Erdinger, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbrau, Paulaner and Spaten.  1/2 Litres are $6 and Litres are only $9!  It’s the best ticket in town!

Traditional Games and Activities

Speilen! (Play!) Try your hand at stein holding, keg rolling and keg tossing, yodeling, wurst tossing, beer pong, and a Chicken Dance dance-off. Don’t forget to dress up so you can participate in our Best Lederhosen and Best Dirndl Dress!

German Food

Essen! (Eat!) Be transported to Munich and experience the delicious tastes of authentic Wursts by Low Brau, The German Plate by Siena, pretzels and excellent desserts by Lovin’ Oven!

Traditional Music

Tanzen! (Dance!) Enjoy the authentic music styling of the 20-piece brass band, Chico Bavarian Band, The Internationals, The Flying Dutchman and the Alpine Horns. Don’t miss the traditional Bavarian waltz/polka dancers demonstrating their moves on the dance floor.




Riverfront Street & Bridge Street

TicketsGet your tickets to the inaugural sactoberfest! Designated Driver tickets available!

General Admission ($25)

General Admission tickets get you 3 local craft brew tasting tickets, a complimentary beer and a 1/2 Litre stein for the first 1,500 through the gates!


Premium Admission ($40)

Premium Admission tickets include 6 local craft brew tasting tickets, one complimentary beer and a 1-Litre stein for the first 1,000 through the gates!


VIP Admission ($75)

VIP tickets include, well...everything! Bottomless beer, free parking, 1-Liter glass stein, a German food plate, 8 tasting tickets, VIP entrance, lounge and bathrooms!


Designated Driver ($10)

We love Designated Drivers! Come experience Sactoberfest as Sac-sober-fest! Unlimited water and soda is available to you for being the responsible one!